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"s" type

These load cells derive their name from its shape of S. They can provide an output in accordance with the tension or compression and offers superior side load rejection.The maximum load capacities ranging from 11 kg to 18,200 kg.


bsa-s-beam-tool-steel-transcell (50lb to 5klb)

Transcell BSA S-Beam Load Cell fabricated in Alloy Steel

Our Price: US$160.00
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rt 42u/43u tention-compression alloy steel (5k -250k)


· Capacities: 5 to 250 K lb
· Environmental protection: IP68 (DIN 40.050)
· Material: Epoxy coated alloy steel.
· Hermetically sealed

Our Price: US$975.00
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rt 9363 "s" type stainless steel (50kg - 10000kg)


The 9363 is a true multi-purpose stainless steel S-type load cell which can be used either in tension or compression. This product is suitable for a wide range of hybrid scales, overhead track scales, belt scales and process weighing applications. Reliable sealing is ensured by the proprietary TRANSEAL potting compound and additional mechanical protection of the strain gauge area. This product meets the stringent Weights and Measures requirements throughout Europe.

Our Price: US$236.00
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