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"s" type

These load cells derive their name from its shape of S. They can provide an output in accordance with the tension or compression and offers superior side load rejection.The maximum load capacities ranging from 11 kg to 18,200 kg.


virtual vlc110 s-type alloy steel load cell (100lb to 20klb)

Mechanical scale conversion,
Tank, bin and hopper weighing,
Truck scale conversion,
Tension / compression measurement

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aluminum s-type load cell sentronik 7020 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 250kg

The Sentronik 7020 Aluminum S-Type Load Cell is perfect to any Tension/Compression application.

Our Price: US$118.00
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bsa-s-beam-tool-steel-transcell (50lb to 5klb)

Transcell BSA S-Beam Load Cell fabricated in Alloy Steel

Our Price: US$160.00
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