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Anyload 110BHM1 Alloy Steel Weigh Module (1t to 100t)

Anyload 110BHM1 Alloy Steel Weigh Module (1t to 100t)

Applications: Medium to heavy-cap. horizontal tank & hopper weighing application OIML NTEP RoHS IP67 Measurement Ukraine CE.

Main Features

  • To use with tension link load cell 110BH
  • Capacities: 1t...75t
  • Can allow free swaying movement hence providing high accuracy load cell reading 
  • Anti-uplifting design to stop accidental tumbling of the load  
  • Patent design

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Our Price: US$125.00
Product Description Price
ANY 110BHM1-1t 1 ton 125.00
ANY 110BHM1-2t 2 ton 165.00
ANY 110BHM1-5t 5 ton 263.00
ANY 110BHM1-10t 10 ton 385.00
ANY 110BHM1-20t 20 ton 908.00
ANY 110BHM1-30t 30 ton 1513.00
ANY 110BHM1-50t 50 ton 2750.00
ANY 110BHM1-75t 75 ton 3000.00
ANY 110BHM1-100t 100 ton 3750.00
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