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Anyload 806DA Weighing Indicator

Anyload 806DA Weighing Indicator

Compact in size, and with a cost effective design, the basic unit is available for simple weighing purposes. 2 opto-coupler output are available. kg/lb conversion is available. Hold/valley hold function is available. Hysteresis control is available for RS232 or RS485 communication function. 806DA is suitable for all kinds of application such as hopper and weigh platform.

Product Features

  • Parameter setting and calibration are performed at  the front panel
  • Auto zero scale when switched on is available
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Unit select between: kg, t; lb is also optional, but will have an additional unit label on the front panel
  • Improper operation and fault indicator
  • Normal Weighing mode and Peak mode functions
  • 2 way relay output
  • 2-way external input switch interface
  • Zero scale, Tare mode, Gross/Net weight selections

Optional output interface

  • Standard serial output RS232 or RS485 interface
  • Analog output interface
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Our Price: US$868.00
Product Description Price
ANY 806DA-0-10V Indicator with 0-10V Output Op US$868.00
ANY 806DA-4-20mA Indicator with 4-20mA Output O US$868.00
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