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Industrial Painted Platform Scales Sartorius Combics

Industrial Painted Platform Scales Sartorius Combics

With the Combics product family, Sartorius offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metal and electrical industries. Combics can adjust optimally to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options. Combics complete scales come combined with platforms and indicators already installed and ready for use. Multiple combination options ensure the highest degree of individuality. Our Combics Configurator supports the selection and ordering process. Combics industrial scales have everything you need. They offer a high protection class up to IP 69K, ATEX certifications as well as various accessories in different material versions such as printers, roller conveyors, benches, frames for pit installations or drive-on ramps.

Weighing platforms

  • Painted and stainless steel versions available
  • Very robust in aggressive environments due to high corrosion and IP protection (stainless steel versions up to V4A | 1.4571, electropolished and IP68 |IP69K)
  • Optimally customized to the area of application due to 10 weighing ranges from 3 kg to 3 t and 13 platform dimensions
  • Precision up to 30,000d when not used in legal metrology
  • When used in legal metrology up to 6000e and/or 3 x 3000e (multi-range and multi-interval possible)

High resolution weighing platforms

  • Area of application from 16 kg to 300 kg in various platform dimensions
  • Precision up to 340,000d when not used in legal metrology
  • When used in legal metrology class II up to 34,000e
  • With internal motorized calibration weight


  • Flexibility due to 9 application programs
  • User-friendly due to clear text displays, bar graph, control light fields
  • Easy integration due to standardized data interfaces, e.g. RS232, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/IP
  • For use in legal metrology applications up to 10,000e, optional integrated Alibi memory

Indicators and Column are not Included

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Our Price: US$660.00
Product Description Price
SAR CAPP1U-10CC-LU 15 x 0.0005 lb 660.00
SAR CAPP1U-20CC-LU 30 x 0.001 lb 660.00
SAR CAPP1U-50CC-LU 60 x 0.002 lb 660.00
SAR CAPP1U-50DD-LU 60 x 0.002 lb 730.00
SAR CAPP1U-50EE-LU 60 x 0.002 lb 970.00
SAR CAPP1U-50GE-LU 60 x 0.002 lb 1390.00
SAR CAPP1U-100DD-LU 150 x 0.005 lb 730.00
SAR CAPP1U-100EE-LU 150 x 0.005 lb 970.00
SAR CAPP1U-100GE-LU 150 x 0.005 lb 1390.00
SAR CAPP1U-100GG-LU 150 x 0.005 lb 1750.00
SAR CAPP1U-100HG-LU 150 x 0.005 lb 2250.00
SAR CAPP1U-100HH-LU 150 x 0.005 lb 2400.00
SAR CAPP1U-200EE-LU 200 x 0.01 lb 970.00
SAR CAPP1U-200GE-LU 200 x 0.01 lb 1390.00
SAR CAPP1U-250GG-LU 300 x 0.01 lb 1750.00
SAR CAPP1U-250HG-LU 300 x 0.01 lb 2250.00
SAR CAPP1U-250HH-LU 300 x 0.01 lb 2400.00
SAR CAPP1U-500GG-LU 600 x 0.02 lb 1750.00
SAR CAPP1U-500HG-LU 600 x 0.02 lb 2250.00
SAR CAPP1U-500HH-LU 600 x 0.02 lb 2400.00
SAR CAPP1U-1000HG-LU 1500 x 0.05 lb 2250.00
SAR CAPP1U-1000HH-LU 1500 x 0.05 lb 2400.00
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