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Sentronik 5500SS Stainless Steel Crane Scale (30 to 80000 kg)

Sentronik 5500SS Stainless Steel Crane Scale (30 to 80000 kg)

Designed Specially for Fishing Hatchery!

The Sentronik 5500SS Stainless Steel Digital Crane Scale have a solid performance, make it easy to measure suspended loads and features a high-contrast LED display easy to read in any lighting conditions. This crane scale is versatile for hanging applications, is a lightweight, yet sturdy of a digital hanging scale. Comes with a resistent hook and a plate for easy instalation and is lightweigh for easy transportation too. Waterproof and Anti-corrosive enclosure.

Have you landed a fish and wasn't sure what it weighed? With the 5500SS digital fish scale you can get the weight to your fish. This scale is extremely light but has a sturdy construction and it is very accurate.

  • ENCLOSURE - Stainless Steel NEMA 4X -- IP67 Protected
  • Parts counting mode
  • lb or kg
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS- 120 VAC or 6 x AA Batteries
  • Backlit LCD display

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Our Price: US$600.00
Product Description Price
SEN 5500SS-30 30kg x 0.01kg / 66lb x 0.02lb 600.00
SEN 5500SS-60 60kg x 0.02kg / 130lb x 0.05lb 725.00
SEN 5500SS-200 200kg x 0.05kg / 400lb x 0.1lb 810.00
SEN 5500SS-300 300kg x 0.1kg / 660lb x 0.2lb 876.00
SEN 5500SS-500 600kg x 0.2kg / 1300lb x 0.5lb 937.00
SEN 5500SS-1t 1000kg x 0.5kg 1137.00
SEN 5500SS-3t 3000kg x 1kg 1197.00
SEN 5500SS-5t 5000kg x 2kg 1428.00
SEN 5500SS-10t 10000kg x 5kg 1908.00
SEN 5500SS-15t 15000kg x 10kg 2976.00
SEN 5500SS-20t 20000kg x 10kg 4314.00
SEN 5500SS-30t 30000kg x 20kg 5396.00
SEN 5500SS-50t 50000kg x 20kg 6716.00
SEN 5500SS-80t 80000kg x 50kg 11982.00
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