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alloy steel double-ended beam sentronik 7160 (10klb - 200klb / 5t - 100t)

alloy steel double-ended beam sentronik 7160 (10klb - 200klb / 5t - 100t)

SENTRONIK 7160 load cell double ended alloy steel: load cells or double support SENTRONIK Double Ended 7160 are generally used for applications SCALES high capacity load cells or double girder double support offer number of advantages over other designs of weight cells. These load cells are incorporated in its body a number of screw holes to secure and are usually used to strengthen the weighing structure during installation, allowing the load cells are mounted live and thus make the entire system just before the complete implementation of the weighing operation, thus avoiding damage to components of weighing. The load cell is designed to oscillate in its mounting base and accommodate or compensate for any misalignment in the mounting surfaces. The install mounting load cells also allows limited movement to allow thermal expansion and contraction, and overload protection or unexpected uprisings.

Rated output 3.00mV / V
Accuracy class 0.03
Environmental protection IP67
Material Alloy steel
Interchangeable Products:
  • Rice Lake RL75058
  • Sensortronics 65058
  • Tedea 4158
  • Revere Transducer 5303
  • Artech 70310

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Market price: US$800.00
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load cell SEN 7160-200Klb 200K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-125Klb 125K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-100Klb 100K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-100KSElb 100K SE-lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-75Klb 75K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-40Klb 40K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-10Klb 10K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-25Klb 25K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-400Klb 400K lb US$580.00
load cell SEN 7160-300Klb 300K lb US$580.00
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