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Sentronik Weigh Indicator 1700

Sentronik Weigh Indicator 1700

The Sentronik Weigh Indicator 1700 is the instrument has extremely high stability, long service life and shock resistance. Operation is simple and convenient, performing an amazing and reliable weighing indication.


Features about Sentronik Weigh Indicator 1700:

  • 6-digit 1.2-inch LED display,7 state indicator lamps.
  • 7 function keys.
  • Protection level: IP5x
  • Excitation voltage: +5VDC
  • Load capacity of sensor: at most 4 350Ω
  • Input signal range of null point: 0-5mV
  • Input signal range of full scale: 1-10 mV
  • Inner resolution: 1 million
  • Weight upgrading rate: 40 times per second
  • Battery: 6V4Ah
  • Adapter: voltage 100-240VAC Current 0.1A Frequency 50-60Hz.
  • 2 RS232 ports
  • Operating temperature: -10℃-40℃
  • Storage temperature: -20℃-60℃

Manual Sentronik Weigh Indicator 1700

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