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Stainless Steel Industrial Scale Sartorius Midrics

Stainless Steel Industrial Scale Sartorius Midrics

Sartorius Midrics Level 1 is easy-to-use, fast and provides accurate readings. Just turn it on, weigh, and the job is complete! 

Midrics Level 2 provides more applications than Midrics Level 1, including parts counting, checkweighing, sorting, totalizing and animal weighing. The IP65 protection rating means the scale can be used in environments where is may encounter impact, vibration, dust, dirt, water, aggressive cleaning agents and inadvertent overloading; industrial environment. The IP67 protection rating means the scale is suited for industrial use in wet environments.

Parts counting is an efficient and often times overlooked feature of the Sartorius Midrics Level 2 bench scales. Inventory of numerous objects of the same weight could be drastically expedited with the use of the parts counting function. For instance, a construction contractor could keep an accurate inventory of everything from nuts and bolts or even feet of electrical wire just by using the parts counting feature. 

Midrics Level 1 makes use of state-of-the-art technology, high-grade materials and first-class workmanship to provide fast and totally reliable basic weighing solutions. Midrics Level 2 Bench Scales parts counting feature makes for an efficient means in counting multiple objects of the same weight. Take the guess work and headaches out of inventory by using the parts counting feature. An electrical contractor with a bundle of wire could simply turn on the machine, zero it, set the "REF" button to 1, cut off a foot of wire and place it on the scale, Press "OK", add the rest of the wire and just like that the contractor has a precise length of the whole bundle of wire. Easy! A hardware store employee could drastically reduce the time needed to count inventory on the nuts and bolts section by applying the same method. Other applications of the Midrics 2 include checkweighing, sorting, totalizing, net-total and animal weighing. 

Easy to use

Even though the range of possibilities is so expansive, Midrics Level 2 is exceptionally easy to use. Unlike some scales that seem to take a doctorate to operate, Midrics Level 2 scales are built for people who want quick and reliable readings without all the bells and whistles. 

Easy to clean 

Ok, you finished up all your work, but now you have to clean up. It's not always a gentle process and trying to save money on a scale is going to cost you double for it later. The Midrics is made with high quality materials, and is made to be rugged and easy to clean -- not to mention it looks great! 

Each scale with an IP65 protection rating is equipped with a membrane seal around the center shaft as well as rubber booting protection for the interfaces, except Ethernet and PS2 options. Stainless steel Midrics have IP67/IP68 protection rating and are therefore suited for industrial use in wet environments.

  • Platform Size: 31.5'' x 23.6''
  • Capacity: 150kg x 0.01kg | 330lb x 0.02lb
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Upgrade Level to MW2 Level 2 + US$ 50

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Our Price: US$1105.00
Product Description Price
SAR MW1SU1-3DC-L 3kg x 0.0002kg / 6.5lb x 0.000 1105.00
SAR MW1SU1-6DC-L 6kg x 0.0005kg / 13lb x 0.001l 1105.00
SAR MW1SU1-15DC-L 15kg x 0.001kg / 30lb x 0.002l 1340.00
SAR MW1SU1-30EC-L 30kg x 0.002kg / 65lb x 0.005l 1500.00
SAR MW1SU1-30FC-L 30kg x 0.002kg / 65lb x 0.005l 1615.00
SAR MW1SU1-60EC-L 60kg x 0.005kg / 130lb x 0.01l 1500.00
SAR MW1SU1-60FC-L 60kg x 0.005kg / 130lb x 0.01l 1615.00
SAR MW1SU1-60GC-L 60kg x 0.005kg / 130lb x 0.01l 2210.00
SAR MW1SU1-150FC-L 150kg x 0.01kg / 330lb x 0.02l 1615.00
SAR MW1SU1-150GC-L 150kg x 0.01kg / 330lb x 0.02l 2210.00
SAR MW1SU1-150IGC-L 150kg x 0.01kg / 330lb x 0.02l 2965.00
SAR MW1SU1-300IGC-L 300kg x 0.02kg / 660lb x 0.05l 2965.00
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