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Accessories for scales are all these elements or devices that without a doubt and give support to each of the scales, and that also contribute to the optimalizaci?n of weighing equipment , which will provide a better experience and improvements in each result.? Accesories, met with the mission to maximize the performance of the weighing equipment and of the scales, in addition to achieving adaptations, and reduce the effort on the part of the operator; and not only is based on effort but also to reduce operating expenses, and less investment, less costs for your business. Purchase accesories, and not spend money, best invert it.

In ScaleMarket.com, you will find accesories such as: indicators, either LED or LCD, considered directly as accessories for scales, being a smart tool, high electronic engineering, capable of storing data and information, depending on the activity or application for use of your switches. In addition to providing functions such as: keyboards touch, converters of weight, communication and connectivity, Pc-Usb, ports RS, possibility to connect remote screens, which allow for viewing in various places , extension of keyboard, wireless controllers, among others.

Between the accesories are also included the software, as computing tool; cables; installation kits; printers; from the point of view of connections and structures such as: boxes of union, Wiring, remote screens, adapters of calibration, batteries, among others

Invest in Accessories for swings, is not an expense is an investment which will help to make your projects successful and help pay and improve the life of your equipment.


Anyload CB Load Cell Cable

Anyload CB Standard cable and rodent protection cable.

Our Price: US$223.00
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Anyload BP-48 Floor Scale Bumper Protector

Anyload BP-48 Floor Scale Bumper Protector 48" Long Steel Bumper Protecter (1 side)

Our Price: US$248.00
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Anyload BCC Brass Cable Connector

Anyload BCC Brass Cable Connector, 4 to 7 Pin

Our Price: US$20.00
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