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Accuweigh has established itself as a global leader in the weighing equipment and systems industry. Accuweigh produced Japan's first domestically made strain gauge load cell in 1953 and began manufacturing digital electronic scales in 1969.

Accuweigh is also one of the first companies to realize the possibilities of the multihead principal, and began manufacturing computerized multihead weighers and load cell checkweighers in 1980. Accuweigh holds over 400 patents worldwide and is continuously developing new technologies to provide better solutions for our customers.


accuweigh bdl11 series mechanical scale (60lb, 100lb, 200lb)

All components of the Accu-Weigh® BDL-11 scale are made of the highest quality materials to ensure maximum performance and reliability. It's rugged, durable construction includes: a cast iron base, accurate steel pivots and bearings, welded steel construction, nickel plated levers pivots and bearings, and a precision crafted rack and pinion. It features a 157 square inch weighing surface. There are no loose weights to handle and no calculations to be made. Direct readings from the large 11" dial eliminates errors.

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accu-weigh hds hanging scale (18 to 330 lb)

They can be used for general weighing or to measure tension, pull or torque. All models are equipped with fine tooth racks, machine cut precision pinions and dual springs to provide the greatest possible accuracy.

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