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adam cpwplus l floor scales (75lb/35kg to 660lb/300kg)

adam cpwplus l floor scales (75lb/35kg to  660lb/300kg)
CPWplus-W, -M and -L offer rechargeable batteries with over 60 hours of use before needing to be recharged. To save battery life, the backlit display can be set to always on, off or automatically on for 10 seconds when a weight is placed on the platform.

  • 4 Weighing units (kg, g, lb, oz)
  • Hold function
  • Full range tare
  • Zero Tracking
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Colour coded, sealed keypad
  • Four load cell construction
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Large stainless steel platform
  • Modern low profile design
  • Splashproof to protect from accidental spills
  • Simple 4 button operation
  • Non-slip adjustable levelling feet
  • Wheels to allow easy movement
  • RS-232 bi-directional interface
  • External calibration
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life
  • Low battery indication
  • AC Adapter

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Our Price: US$525.00
Product Description Price
ADA CPWplus 35L 75lb/35kg x 0.02/10g US$525.00
ADA CPWplus 75L 165lb/75kg x 0.05lb/20g US$525.00
ADA CPWplus 150L 330lb/150kg x 0.1lb/50g US$525.00
ADA CPWplus 200L 440lb/200kg x 0.1lb/50g US$525.00
ADA CPWplus 300L 660lb/300kg x 0.2lb/100g US$525.00
ACCESORIES ---------------- US$525.00
Adam Printer No.8023 US$525.00
Thermal Paper for Adam Printer (5 Pack) No.9192 US$525.00
USB to RS-232 Interface Cable No.9066 US$525.00
RS-232 Cable No.9028 US$525.00
AdamDU - Data Collection Program No.9061 US$525.00
Rubber non-slip mat for CPWplus L No.9013 US$525.00
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