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alloy steel double ended beam load cell sentronik 7168 25t

alloy steel double ended beam load cell sentronik 7168 25t

Sentronik 7168 Alloy Steel Double Ended Beam load cell is designed for rigid mount and very rugged applications. This makes it an ideal sensor for onboard weighing and any other situation where dynamic loads may be applied. It is available in nickel plated alloy steel. Be assured of consistent, reliable and accurate results while using this loadcell.


  • Capacity 25,000 lbs. (12,000 kgs.)
  • Accuracy: 0.1% full scale
  • Safe Overload: 150% of rated capacity
  • Rated Output: 2 mv/v
  • Ecitation Voltage: 10 to 15 volts DC
  • Input/Output Resistance: 700 OHM
  • Compensated Temperature Range: -10degC to +40degC
  • Operating Temperature Range: - -60degC to +80degC
  • Material: High Strength Alloy Steel, Nickel Plated Finish
  • Wiring Code: Red - Positive Excitation, Black - Negative Excitation, Green - Positive Signal, White - Negative Signal

Interchangeable with

  • Mass Load ML1100
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