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ametek digital force gauges

The Chatillon Digital Force Gauges Series offers the best price performance of any digital force gauge available today. Some of the Chatillon's Force Gauges now offers wireless data transfer and comminicaton via integral Bluetooth. These compact, easy-to-use force gauges are designed for basic and complex applications. Ideal for handheld or test stand applications, the DFS II may be equipped with integral load cells or smart remote sensors for load measurement or torque measurement.


ametek k-msc series travel kit, digital muscle strength comparator with accessories


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ametek dfs ii r series digital force gauges, dedicated slc load sensors (2lb to 100lb)

The Chatillon® DFS II Series with integral or non-dedicated remote SLC carries all of the features of the DFS II in a package that provides the user with flexibility. The DFS II-R is available with a remote SLC that is dedicated to the unit offering the ability to test in locations where a fixed and integral load cell is impractical.

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