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An Analytical Balance is used to measure mass to a high degree of precision and accuracy. To some, these weiging instruments may simply be known as a set of scales, but an analytical balance is able to measure down to the ten thousandth of a gram.

These Laboratory balances, also known as a precision one, it most often found in a laboratory setting and is used only with the most meticulous of measurements. This type of measuring device is usually a top loading balance and can be among the most important measuring tools used when it comes to experiment that involve combining different chemicals.


torbal-agzn200-advanced-series-analytical-balance (200g)

200g x 0.0001g The AGZN200 has an outstanding price to performance ratio. At a 200g capacity and 0.1mg (0.0001g) resolution the AGZN analytical balance is versatile enough for any laboratory setting. The scale is built with die-cast metal housing and large glass weighing chamber. It includes 5 weighing functions including density calculation.


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adam pw analytical balance (120g, 180g, 250g)
The PW series are designed to meet the needs of Laboratories, Schools, Industry and commercial users offering a wide range of applications.

Our Price: US$1550.00
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scientech-zsa-analytical-balance (80 to 210 g)

A new, revolutionary weighing technology has recently been developed by Scientech. Since this progressive technology is so exceptional, a patent has been filed and is currently pending. In addition, this innovative technology is now the foundation for a new series of electronic balances which carry Scientech’s “Zeta” trademark.

Our Price: US$1695.00
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torbal-agcn100-advanced-plus-series-analytical-balance (100g)

100g x 0.0001g w/ Automatic Internal Calibration. The AGCN100 is a budget friendly easy to use Analytical balance with automatic calibration. The internal calibration mechanism keeps the scale calibrated at all times therefore eliminating the need for external calibration, the scale is essentially maintenance free. In addition the scale includes 5 weighing functions, a large glass weighing chamber, die-cast metal housing, and RS232 interface port for PC connectivity.


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