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An Analytical Balance is used to measure mass to a high degree of precision and accuracy. To some, these weiging instruments may simply be known as a set of scales, but an analytical balance is able to measure down to the ten thousandth of a gram.

These Laboratory balances, also known as a precision one, it most often found in a laboratory setting and is used only with the most meticulous of measurements. This type of measuring device is usually a top loading balance and can be among the most important measuring tools used when it comes to experiment that involve combining different chemicals.


and orion series hr/hr-i analytical balance (51g to 320g)

The Orion Series analytical balances by AND, provide many remarkable features at affordable prices. These easy-to-use analytical balances are durable, adapt to your environment, and provide great flexibility and resolution.

Our Price: US$1800.25
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torbal agcn200 advanced plus series analytical balance (200g)

200g x 0.0001g w/ Automatic Internal Calibration. With a 200g capacity, 0.0001g resolution, and automatic calibration the AGCN200 analytical balance was designed specifically for laboratory applications seeking precision, accuracy and reliability. The scale features 5 weighing functions, a large glass weighing chamber, die-cast metal housing, and RS232 interface port.


Our Price: US$1852.00
Market price: US$2179.00 save 15%
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torbal agn100 pro series analytical balance (100g)

100g x 0.0001g w/ Automatic Internal Calibration. The AGN100 professional analytical balance offers performance, durability, and reliability. 100g capacity, resolution of 0.0001g (0.1mg), automatic calibration, 12 weighing functions, 9 units of measure, graphical display with onscreen instructions, USB, RS232, and PS2 interface ports, die-cast metal housing.


Our Price: US$1927.00
Market price: US$2269.00 save 15%
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sartorius te series talent analytical balances (60g, 120g, 210g)
The TE Talent series are the alternative for all your simple weighing operations: economically priced yet with an uncompromisingly high degree of quality, reliability and sophisticated weighing technology.

Our Price: US$1996.00
Market price: US$2080.00 save 4%
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