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An Analytical Balance is used to measure mass to a high degree of precision and accuracy. To some, these weiging instruments may simply be known as a set of scales, but an analytical balance is able to measure down to the ten thousandth of a gram.

These Laboratory balances, also known as a precision one, it most often found in a laboratory setting and is used only with the most meticulous of measurements. This type of measuring device is usually a top loading balance and can be among the most important measuring tools used when it comes to experiment that involve combining different chemicals.


Analytical Balance Sartorius Practum 220g x 0.1mg

Get best value for Your money, without compromizes in precision and reliability

You can’t go wrong with the new Practum®! Rely on consistent readings and excellent repeatability ensured by Sartorius quality and technology developed and designed in Germany. Practum®has everything you need for standard applications.

Our Price: US$2035.00
Market price: US$2500.00 save 19%
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ohaus pioneer analytical balance (65 to 210 g)

The Pioneer Series of analytical and precision balance is designed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications.

Our Price: US$2035.00
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torbal-agn200-pro-series-analytical-balance (200g)

200g x 0.0001g w/ Automatic Internal Calibration. The AGN200 is our most powerful analytical scale. 200g capacity and resolution of 0.1mg (0.0001g). The AGN200 combines performance and productivity with outstanding value. Designed specifically for demanding laboratory and research applications. Ideal for transferring data to a PC or printer. 12 weighing functions, 9 units of measure, graphical display with onscreen instructions, USB, RS232, and PS2 interface ports, die-cast metal housing.


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ohaus adventurer pro serie analytical balance (65g, 110g, 260g)

Since its introduction, the Adventurer Pro has established itself as the industry most versatile balance. It counts, it sums, it holds and it delivers traceable results.

Our Price: US$2231.00
Market price: US$2300.00 save 3%
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