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and accessories, printers & load cells

A&D Weighing offers a wide variety of accessories like printers, load cells for the best development of your weighing needs. You can find static eliminator, dot matrix printers, remote controllers, comparator lights, battery units, tables anti-vibration, load cells, many other accessories.


and bt granite balance table
This balance table is made of natural cut stone quarried in Southern Minnesota. This stone has the density and vibration damping properties for most applications. 4 - 5 weeks Delivery.

Our Price: US$1295.00
Market price: US$1335.00 save 3%
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and ad-8951 comparator light tower
Comparator Light Tower

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and ad-8922 remote controller

Model AD-8922 provides both an external weight display and remote operator controls for virtually all A&D balances and scales.

Our Price: US$584.25
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and ad-8121b multifunction impact dot matrix printer

The A&D AD-8121B is a Impact Dot Martix Printer with a Full Range of Statistical Functions: Weight Data, Total Weight Data, Counting Data, Total Counting Data, Number of Operations, Standard Deviation, Chart, Date & TIme and Interval Printing: 5, 10, 30 seconds or 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes

Our Price: US$821.75
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