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and ad-4212 a/b/c series analytical balance (110g to 1100g)

and ad-4212 a/b/c series analytical balance (110g to 1100g)
AND Product Weighing Systems Analytical Balances. The super fast Super Hybrid Sensor Technology brings yet another tool for improving production. Measure 1 mg resolution with 0.5 seconds response time. Sensor only version connects straight to PC or PLC. IP65 protected.

Standard feautures:

  • High Resolution with Fast Response
  • Compact Weighing Sensor can be placed anywhere in the production line
  • Dust & Splash-Proof protection of keyboard and display complies with IP-54
  • Standard RS-232C interface and WinCT Software for easy data collection
  • Comparator output (Hi/OK/Lo) feature for manual or automatic operation
  • GLP/GMP output
  • Breeze break for maximum accuracy and fastest response
  • Standard calibration weight
  • Simple Operator reference card provided
  • Multi-weighing units
  • Time & Date Clock function
  • Data Memory function for weighing, calibration, counting and Hi/OK/Lo values

and 4212a/b/c series production weighing system data sheet A&D 4212A/B/C Series Analytical Balances.pdf

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Our Price: US$3825.00
Product Description Price
AND AD-4212A-100 110 g x 0.1mg with RS-232C 5495.00
AND AD-4212A-200 210 g x 0.001g with RS-232C 4825.00
AND AD-4212A-600 610 g x 0.001 g with RS-232C 5325.00
AND AD-4212A-1000 1100g x 0.001g with RS-232C 5525.00
AND AD-4212B-102 110g x 0.01mg with RS-232C wit 8495.00
AND AD-4212B-201 210g x 0.1mg with RS-232C with 6695.00
AND AD-4212B-301 310g x 0.1mg with RS-232C with 7225.00
AND AD-4212C-300 320g x 1mg with RS-232C 3825.00
AND AD-4212C-3000 3200g x 10mg with RS-232C 3825.00
BCD output (factory installed, 4 month leadtime
RS-232C/Comparator (factory installed, 4 month leadtime
Extension Cable, 1 meter
Extension Cable, 3 meter
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