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and ad-4406 series weight indicator

and ad-4406 series weight indicator

AD-4405, AD-4406 and AD-4407 give three choices of low cost, multi-functional weight indicators to suit your specific environmental & application needs. The AD-4405 has a option built-in printer with time & date stamp. The AD-4407 IP65 for your dust and water proof weighing applications with stainless steel construction.



  •  The AD-4406 printer weight indicator features a display of 1 / 40,000 resolution.
  •  This indicator has an LCD display 1. "
  •  The indicator has a built-in Dot-Matrix Printer Option with Time / Date Format Print & programmable.
  •  The AD-4406 has programmable keys like F1 and F2 for the user to perform actions such as printing, counting, storage, luggage control.
  •  AD-weight 44056indicador has 10 keys for entries slogans counting functions and keyboard tare.
  •  This indicator can be used on a table, desk or panel.
  •  The indicator has comparator function and optional output relay / transistor HI / GO / LO simple comparator can be selected and  weighing-in comparator.
  •  The AD-4406 indicator front panel is waterproof, IP65 (panel mounting only).
  •  Powers up to 4 load cells ohms @ 350 cell / load (8 l / c @ 700 ohms).
  •  indicator AD-4406 has standard RS-232, RS-422/485 interface optional.
  •  This indicator has an accumulator automatic or manual input.
  •  The indicator AD-4406 has optional relay output or analog output of 4-20 mA.
  •  It has 3 signals from external control inputs, the input signal can be selected from zero, tare, mode, / gross, net print M +.
  •  Bright Vacuum Florescent Display.
  •  The AD-4406 indicator is protected from EMI and RFI interference.
  •  The indicator includes counting mode.
  •  AD-4406 features digital linearization.

Product Features

  • Compact and portable
  • Operator selectable F1 & F2 Function Keys
  • Standard Table mount bracket
  • AC adapter or Battery operation

and 4406 series weight indicator data sheetA&D Series Weight Indicator.pdf

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