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and ad-1683 static eliminator

and ad-1683 static eliminator


The AD-1683 static eliminator incorporates a high power supply voltage, this is a device that operates on a DC drive motor and its function is to eliminate static electricity from charged objects, does not need a power supply High external voltage. The AD-1683 static eliminator, zwitterions generated continuously by DC corona discharging electrode separate positive and negative discharge ionized air and directs loaded on the body to eliminate static electricity. The ions generated are well balanced in the polarity and this eliminates static electricity, regardless of the polarity of the charged body.

This static eliminator do not produce breeze, usually the plastic insulators are likely to be charged with static electricity, this can affect the weighing and in turn cause an error in measurement, The AD-1683 static eliminator can eliminate static electricity very effectively.

One of the main advantages of this compact static eliminator, is that it is lightweight and fan; ie it no longer produces any breeze, this device does not need a high-voltage wiring, also it has capacity to generate ions. The price of this static eliminator is extremely economical, it is a relatively lightweight device allowing to move anywhere in your workspace. The AD-1683 static eliminator has a simple design, while attractive, able to eliminate static energy of any loaded object model without any problem.

AD-1683 static eliminator has a static elimination method DUAL CROWN DC-DC static elimination tungsten emitter electrode, has environmental conditions of -5 to + 40 ° C, 35% to 85% relative humidity without condensation, the minimum power requirements are 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.



  • It installs easily, safe way and this does not require a high-voltage wiring.
  • This device when DC type static eliminator has a great capacity for ion production also may be used to remove highly electrified static charges.
  • Little or no reverse charge is induced by irradiated ions because of its excellent ion polarity balance.
  • It has a high probability of efficiency in removing static, regardless of the polarity or the potential of the object is loaded.
  • This device is suitable for static elimination in different places because of its long narrow irradiation distance of ions and their remote time.
  • This equipment produces a small amount of ozone due to its efficient generation of ions.
  • It has a current limiting circuit which is incorporated in the ion generating electrode in order to reduce the possibility of electric shock.
  • Being a DC type device, the static eliminator, unlike PULSE-DC, involves no swing in the surface potential of the charged object.
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