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and ad-1688 weighing data logger

and ad-1688 weighing data logger

Save, carry, and retrieve 

The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC! The AD-1688 is especially useful when a PC or printer cannot be placed near the balance or when you need to collect data from multiple balances at different locations (such as in a factory). The data is stored in CSV format and can be used easily by software such as Microsoft Excel. An RS-232C interface to import weighing data from an A&D balance or scale and a USB interface to export the data to a PC (no driver software is required). Approx. 5,000 weighing data sets (in the A&D standard format) can be stored. The date and time the data is saved is stored in data. Small size and IP65 dust and waterproof (with the casing cover). Receives power supply directly from a balance, scale or PC.

The AD-1688 weighing data logger has an interface that allows you to import data to a computer without installing any software or drivers, each weighing data logger stores data together with the date and exact time. The AD-1688 weighing data logger has an internal memory capable of storing approximately 5,000 data sets. Weighing data logger does not need battery so you do not have to worry about changing batteries or finding an outlet to connect the data logger AD-1688 weighing data as energy obtained automatically when connected to the computer, The AD-1688 weighing data logger  is fully waterproof and powder.

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