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and ad-4328 series weight indicator

and ad-4328 series weight indicator


The AD-4328 weight indicator  is a highly reliable fit for use in most industrial environments instrument. The AD-4328 weight indicator by manipulating your keyboard, you can access the various menus and so adapt and calibrate most of the currently required applications. The calibration weight indicator AD-4328 is fully digital, which added to its high precision components guarantees total stability. The AD-4328 indicators provide power and flexibility thanks to its low price. This indicator is a totally useful for applications ranging activities or batch weighing equipment to simple weighing. They are highly reliable, inexpensive and easy to install. 

The AD-4328 indicator is splash proof, this weight indicator is characterized as one of the cheapest in the market, its main function is to fulfill the task of weighing and display it. The indicator shows the results obtained on its digital display, the AD-4328 indicator is completely accurate and efficient when making the weight. It should be noted that this indicator is adapted for use in any work environment, whether on a desktop or installing either an exclusive panel. The dimensions of the AD-4328 indicator is .6.6 "W x 5" D x 5.5 "H 8 lb. The indicator AD-4328 model features a very simple and easy to use keypad, allowing the user to access different menus and also allows you to calibrate easily.

AD-4328 indicator has a unique, simple and in turn is efficient when performing operations, if weight indicators this talk is right thanks to its compact design, it is relatively light allowing to move the pointer to any site within the workspace. The AD-4328 indicator allows the user to easily select minimum divisions such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50. The AD-4328 weight indicator is it,  the indicator most economical in the market, the indicator easier and simple to use, highly efficient indicator.


The AD-4328 indicators provide powe and fleibility at an affordable price. They perform in a wide range of applications from batching to simple weighing. They are reliable, accurate, and easy to install.



  • The AD-4328 indicators have a screen resolution of 20,000 divisions.
  • This indicator has a completely digital and easy to calibrate (FDC) calibration.
  • The AD-4328 indicators can be used on a desk or on a panel.
  • The main function of this indicator is to check the weight, the output of said weight can be selected as high comparator / OK / low or output setpoint.
  • It has two breakpoints for simple dosing.
  • This indicator can be manual or automatic battery weight.
  • The AD-4328 indicators feed up to 6 load cells 350ohms.
  • AD-4328 indicators have optional RS-232C and RS-422/485 includes bidirectional communication with a computer, printer or other peripheral.
  • Output loop current of 20 mA included.
  • The AD-4328 indicators have three (03) signals input for external control, allows you to select zero, tare, mode, net / gross, print, M +.
  • This indicator has a brillant red LED screen.

A&D AD-4328 Digital Indicator data sheet A&D AD-4328 Digital Indicator.pdf

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