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and ek-i everest series compact bench balances composite (120g to 12000g)

and ek-i everest series compact bench balances composite (120g to 12000g)
The EK-i compact balance provides a wide selection of capacities and resolutions. Its versatile features include full digital calibration and a large LCD, back-lit display. Its small footprint and optional carrying case and rechargeable NiCd battery make it convenient and portable.

Standard features:
  • Large LCD display (16mm height) with back light
  • Control zero, mode selection and data output with standard RS-232C
  • Triple Range weighing
  • Counting function with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement
  • Standard comparator function--HI/OK/LO annunciator
  • Full Digital Calibration with optional user definable mass setting
  • Conformity to GLP with I.D. and serial number outputs
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Portable-compact size, light weight, rugged body
  • Sealed key panel protection against dust and spills
  • Low profile and small footprint for minimal space requirement
  • Overload protection - Security ring to prevent theft - Stainless steel weighing pan

and everest series compact balances data sheet A&D Everest Series Compact Balances.pdf

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Our Price: US$479.75
Product Description Price
AX:3005824-5S Protective In- use Cover (each US$479.75
AX-USB-2920-9P USB to 9 pin RS-232 Converter US$479.75
TB:164 AC Adapter (240V US$479.75
TB:163C AC Adapter (120V)-Standard wit US$479.75
AD-100-2 Anti-Theft Device US$479.75
EJ-12 Carrying Case US$479.75
EKW-09i NiMH Battery Pack US$479.75
EKW-07i Underhook for EK-4100i / 6100i US$479.75
EKW-04i Comparator/Relay Outputs/Buzze US$479.75
Accessories   US$479.75
-------------------   US$479.75
AND EK-12Ki 12,000g x 1g NTEP Class II US$479.75
AND EK-6000i 6000g x 1g NTEP Class III US$479.75
AND EK-6100i 6000g x 0.1g US$479.75
AND EK-4100i 4000g x 0.1g US$479.75
AND EK-3000i 3000g x 0.1g US$479.75
AND EK-120i 120g x 0.01g US$479.75
AND EK-200i 200g x 0.01g US$479.75
AND EK-300i 300g x 0.01g US$479.75
AND EK-410i 400 g x 0.01g US$479.75
AND EK-610i 600 g x 0.01g US$479.75
AND EK-600i 600g x 0.1g NTEP Class III US$479.75
AND EK-1200i 1200g x 0.1g NTEP Class II US$479.75
AND EK-2000i 2000g x 0.1 g US$479.75
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