A&D manufacturer of innovative weighing, monitoring, controlling and testing products. People with variable technical skills can use them in a full range of applications. A&D has increased its reputation to providing high caliber products and services with a fast responding to planetary needs for innovative and close mensuration tools. A special strategy is consumer satisfaction. A&D constantly analyzes marketplace needs around the humans to better a inundated market of products for business, professional, education and healthcare use.


and lc-4101 series aluminum (600gf to 15kgf)
For small capacity weighing applications, single point compact load cells.

Our Price: US$215.00
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and newton ej series compact balance (120 to 6100g)


The EJ Newton precision compact balance offer a multitude of features for a diverse variety of weighing applications. Capacity 6100 g x 0.1 g Pan Size 12.7cm x 13.9cm

The AND EJ series precision balance: The laboratory balances AND EJ series are high-resolution type electronic balances having a display resolution of 1/12,000 ~ 1/60,000. ‰ The balance has a parts weighing counting function, % function and a weigh comparator function. ‰ The backlight LCD will help with use in a dimly lighted place. ‰ The precision balance can be operated with an AC adapter, or 4 x “AA” size dry-cell batteries for cordless operation. ‰ The optional RS-232C serial interface can be connected with a printer or personal computer, and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data can be obtained. ‰ The optional USB interface is available to connect with a personal computer easily. The AND EJ Newton lab precision compact scale offer a multitude of features for a diverse variety of weighing applications. The Newton balance provides the performance that users have come to expect from A&D WEIGHING,Quick response, reliability, and alkaline battery powered portability make the Newton a balance that brings precision weighing to a new level of affordability.


Our Price: US$256.50
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and lc-4102 series aluminum (10kgf ot 150kgf)
For small and medium capacity weighing system, single point compact load cells

Our Price: US$260.00
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and ad-1688 weighing data logger

The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC!

Our Price: US$280.25
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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