A&D manufacturer of innovative weighing, monitoring, controlling and testing products. People with variable technical skills can use them in a full range of applications. A&D has increased its reputation to providing high caliber products and services with a fast responding to planetary needs for innovative and close mensuration tools. A special strategy is consumer satisfaction. A&D constantly analyzes marketplace needs around the humans to better a inundated market of products for business, professional, education and healthcare use.


and pv series compact bench scale composite (60g to 500g)

The PV Series fits in your shirt pocket for "on the go" needs.


Our Price: US$96.00
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and phoenix series gh analytical balance (51g to 250g)

The Phoenix Series analytical balances by AND economically provide high-end features and performance. These analytical balances provide advanced resolution, are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes.

Our Price: US$3263.25
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and orion series hr/hr-i analytical balance (51g to 320g)

The Orion Series analytical balances by AND, provide many remarkable features at affordable prices. These easy-to-use analytical balances are durable, adapt to your environment, and provide great flexibility and resolution.

Our Price: US$1800.25
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and newton ej series compact balance (120 to 6100g)


The EJ Newton precision compact balance offer a multitude of features for a diverse variety of weighing applications. Capacity 6100 g x 0.1 g Pan Size 12.7cm x 13.9cm

The AND EJ series precision balance: The laboratory balances AND EJ series are high-resolution type electronic balances having a display resolution of 1/12,000 ~ 1/60,000. ‰ The balance has a parts weighing counting function, % function and a weigh comparator function. ‰ The backlight LCD will help with use in a dimly lighted place. ‰ The precision balance can be operated with an AC adapter, or 4 x “AA” size dry-cell batteries for cordless operation. ‰ The optional RS-232C serial interface can be connected with a printer or personal computer, and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data can be obtained. ‰ The optional USB interface is available to connect with a personal computer easily. The AND EJ Newton lab precision compact scale offer a multitude of features for a diverse variety of weighing applications. The Newton balance provides the performance that users have come to expect from A&D WEIGHING,Quick response, reliability, and alkaline battery powered portability make the Newton a balance that brings precision weighing to a new level of affordability.


Our Price: US$256.50
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