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Anyload 805TS Weigh Indicator

Anyload 805TS Weigh Indicator
The 805TS digital indicator is a general purpose weight indicator having high accuracy, high reliability, anti-jamming and multi-functions with source of signal coming from load cells, which adopted the A/D conversion technology of 24-bit microprocessor and the rate of conversion is up to 200 per second. The indicator is suitable for measuring seafood, food, medicament and field factory. It is also a perfect choice for platform scales and baggage scales.
  • Parameter setting and calibration are performed at the front panel
  • Drives up to eight 350© or sixteen 700© load cells
  • "Labrador" software operation in computer for parameter setting & calibration
  • Auto zero scale can be selected when switching on indicator
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Unit exchange between kg & lb on front panel
  • Improper operation and fault indication
  • NORMAL WEIGHING mode, PEAK mode and COUNT mode functions
  • 2 way relay signal output
  • ZERO SCALE, TARE mode, GROSS / NET weight selections
  • Equipped with RS232C connecting port with options for DATA TRANSMITTED CONTINUOUSLY and DATA TRANSMITTED Upon Request
  • Stainless steel wash down enclosure
  • Print functions with programmable print format
  • Built-in clock
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ANY 805TS Digital Weigh Indicator US$495.00
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