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anyload crane scales

Crane scales are characterized by a variety of design in order to adapt to all conditions. From the smallest and lightest scales to the largest industrial capacity, robustness and reliability of these teams have been fully demonstrated. The choice of materials used in the construction of these scales is performed taking into account the normal scope and conditions of use in all environments.


Anyload OCSA3 | OCSA4 General Duty Crane Scale (20Klb to 40Klb)


  • Fast resolution switching
  • 38mm 5 digits LED display for OCSA3 | 30mm 5 digits LCD display for OCSA4
  • Fixed hook
  • Idle mode to maximize the battery life

Our Price: US$1680.00
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Anyload 110ES-WL02 Wireless Stainless Steel Crane Scale (1t to 100t)

Scientifically calculated by FEA (Finite Element Analysis), small in size but robust in structure. Self weight only 3.5kg  for 10t capacity, current products on the market is 30kg

Our Price: US$2500.00
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Anyload OCSZ Heavy Duty Crane Scale (20Klb to 100Klb)


  • Fast resolution switching
  • 56mm (2.3") LED display
  • Fixed hook
  • Idle mode to maximize battery life

Our Price: US$2670.00
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