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anyload hardware & accesories

Hardware & Accessories for load cells and scales. These products are convenient for the weighing tasks, when you need the best performance of your equipment to fulfill the development of your organization.


Anyload BP-48 Floor Scale Bumper Protector

Anyload BP-48 Floor Scale Bumper Protector 48" Long Steel Bumper Protecter (1 side)

Our Price: US$248.00
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anyload la2 lightning arrestor, aluminum

Gas Discharge Tube, it is one type of discharge clearance which sealed inside a ceramic body. Inert gas is filled inside the ceramic body to stabilize the discharged voltage. It has the advantages of allowing big current up to hundreds of KA, very high insulation resistance, no current leakage, no aging failure, double pole protection, very small static capacitance, particularly suitable for using at protection of high speed network communication equipment. It is widely used on the first class thunder surge protection for various types of power supply and signal.

Our Price: US$285.00
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anyload qs1 quadro set (500 to 20000lb)
Quadro set 1 is a product specially designed for use by manufacturers of weighing equipment. This set includes four 563YH load cells equivalent to precision class C3 according to OIML R60 or NTEP 1:5000 Class lll , Multiple Cell as well as appropriate load feet, complete with ideal point-type load introduction.

Our Price: US$630.00
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