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anyload weight modules

These modules are used for tank weighing, hopper weighing, conveyor scales, scale conversion. Compression weight modules are designed to be installed under the legs, mounting lugs, or support beams of a structure. The weight that is being measured compresses the weight module’s load cell, causing a change in output signal.


Anyload 535AHM2 Weigh Module (5t to 100t)
  • Load pin integrated with shackle which is easy to use, no additional height added
  • Work capacity from 5t to 100t
  • Test load is 2 times of the rated capacity
  • Bobbin design provides high accuracy and repeatability

Our Price: US$325.00
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Anyload 563RSM5 Stainless Steel Weigh Module (5~200kg)

Applications: Light-capacity tank & hopper; Wash down or corrosive application; RoHS CE Ex IP68 Measurement Ukraine.

Our Price: US$353.00
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