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Headquartered in Canada, ANYLOAD was started back in 1991 and is experienced in the design and production of high quality standard load cells, specialty load cells, weigh modules, indicators, scales for commercial and industrial applications, and wide varieties of weighing components.


Anyload 110BHM3 Alloy Steel Tension Weigh Module (1t to 10t)

Anyload 110BHM3 Alloy Steel Weigh Module for tension use.

Our Price: US$60.00
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anyload 108ba single point, aluminum (3 to 100kg)

Electronic balance; Check weigh and process weighing; Bench scale; Postal scale; Counting scale Price computing scale. These load cells ar ideal designed for direct mounting in bench and platform scales, packaging and methodconsideration instrumentation, and is made to perform in harsh environments

Our Price: US$70.00
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anyload csk cable splicing kit, aluminum
Prevent from contact broken or drenched with rain to insure the weighing accuracy, the damaged cable which is connected between transducers, must be connected by professional cable splicing kit.

Our Price: US$70.00
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anyload complete test and individual weight set TWSF1 Stainless Steel F1 Grade
Set with Wooden Box, Stainless Steel, F1 Grade and Stainless Steel, F1

Our Price: US$72.00
Market price: US$4100.00 save 98%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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