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artech 20210 s-beam load cells alloy steel (25lb to 40klb)

artech 20210 s-beam load cells alloy steel (25lb to 40klb)
Economical load cell for use in tank weighing, scale conversions and in-line force measurement applications. The versatile and compact unit works in tension or compression and is lightweight. Also rugged and sealed for use in washdown areas. Standardized output avaliable on request (3.0 +- 0.1%)

- 25 to 40,000 pounds capacities
- 5000 or 10000 Division - Used in Tension & Compression
- Alloy Steel
- Complete environmental protection
- Factory Mutual (F.M.) Approved

Applications :

- Electronic Conversion of Mechnical Scales
- Tank, Hopper & Bag Weighing
- Force Measurement - Tension / Compression
- Dynamometers
- Hanging and Crane Scales
- Industrial Automation
- Concrete batching plants

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SKU ART 25lb
Our Price: US$235.00
Product Description Price
ART 25lb 25lb / 11.3kg US$235.00
ART 50lb 50lb / 22.7kg US$235.00
ART 100lb 100lb / 45.4kg US$235.00
ART 200lb 200lb / 90.7kg US$235.00
ART 250lb 250lb / 113kg US$235.00
ART 300lb 300lb / 136kg US$235.00
ART 500lb 500lb / 227kg US$235.00
ART 750lb 750lb / 340kg US$235.00
ART 1K 1K / 454kg US$235.00
ART 1.5K 1.5K / 680kg US$235.00
ART 2K 2K / 907kg US$235.00
ART 2.5K 2.5K / 1134kg US$235.00
ART 3K 3K / 1361kg US$235.00
ART 5K 5K / 2268kg US$235.00
ART 10K 10K / 4536kg US$235.00
ART 15K 15K / 6804kg US$235.00
ART 20K 20K / 9072kg US$235.00
ART 30K 30K / 13608kg US$235.00
ART 40K 40K / 18144kg US$235.00
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