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artech double ended shear beam

Double ended shear beam load cell are designed for center mounting and double link loading. This makes the load cell ideal for track scales and truck scales. Most of these load cells are NTEP certified as legal for trade and is suitable for use in legal-for-trade Weighbridge truck scales.


artech ss80210 stainless steel double ended shear beam (20k to 200k lb)
The Model SS80210, a stainless steel double ended shear beam load cell, is ideally suited for tough environments associated with truck scales. Its stainless steel construction provides optimum protection under impact loading and adverse conditions. The cell is environmentally protected with two water resistant seals and the stainless steel constructions assures extended resistance against corrosion.

Our Price: US$850.00
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artech ss80310 stainless steel double ended shear beam (20k to 200k)
The Model SS80310 stainless steel double link beam is designed for truck scale applications. The proven design offers excellent performance while minimizing load cell errors due to deck flexure or eccentric angular loading of the cell. Its construction of stainless steel provides optimum protection against shock and overload. The cell is water resistant and the stainless steel construction ensures extented resistance to corrosion.

Our Price: US$765.00
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