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artech wm-vii, sswm-vii tension weighing modules (100lb - 40000lb)

artech wm-vii, sswm-vii tension weighing modules (100lb - 40000lb)

The Weigh Module VII provides a wide range of tension weighing assemblies suitable for scale conversions, process control, hopper and tank weighing. Tension loading design assures correct load alignment and is ideal for low to medium capacity hopper and tank weighing. Teflon insulation combined with a bonding strap protects the load cell from stray ground currents and elctrostatic charges. Select the thread size, "C THD.", to match the thread size shown on the dimension sheet. Overall assembly length dimension "A" is based on the 20210, and will change according to the cell used. The WM VII can also be used with model 90510 and 90515 canister load cells.

  • Capacities from 25 to 40K
  • Spherical Rod End Ball Joints
  • Adapts Threaded Rod to "S" Cell
  • Factory Mutual Approved for Intrinsic Safety
  • Tension Loading
  • Teflon Electrical Isolation
  • Nickel Plated Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel


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Our Price: US$149.00
Product Description Price
ART WM-VII-A 100lb - 300lb US$149.00
ART WM-VII-B 500lb - 2500lb US$149.00
ART WM-VII-C 3000lb US$149.00
ART WM-VII-D 5000lb - 10000lb US$149.00
ART WM-VII-E 15000lb US$149.00
ART WM-VII-F 20000lb US$149.00
ART WM-VII-G 30000lb - 40000lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-A 100lb - 300lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-B 500lb - 2500lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-C 3000lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-D 5000lb - 10000lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-E 15000lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-F 20000lb US$149.00
ART SSWM-VII-G 30000lb - 40000lb US$149.00
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