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ARTECH develops force transducers and load cells. Using engineering innovations have built an enviable reputation and record of performance since 1985. With stable and experienced management, manufacturing capability assures prompt on time delivery of even large OEM requirements.


artech ss70510 staintess steel double ended shear beam (1k to 200k lb)
The Model SS70510 stainless steel double ended shear beam is designed primarily for tank and hopper weighing applications. It is normally used in conjunction with the WM-IV Weigh Module. The cell is environmentally sealed against moisture. The SS70510 is recommended for food processing, pharmaceutical applications and hostile environments

Our Price: US$590.00
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artech wm-iii truck/track weighing module (20000lb - 200000lb)

The WM-III Weighing Module is designed to utilize double ended shear beams for Truck and Track weighing. The weigh module is avalliable in mild steel or stainless steel. For capacities larger than 50K, Artech machined links are highly recommended. These links are manufactured from the same alloy steel as the load cells, which helps to minimize load cell wear and maximize the strength of the entire mount. The WM-III is designed for use with the stainless or tool steel versions of the 80210 or 80310 load cells.

Our Price: US$595.00
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artech 70210 double ended shear beam (5k to 250k lb)

Model 70210, a double ended shear beam, is ideal for low profile pitless truck scales, tank and track scales. The cell is constructed of high alloy tool steel for repeatibility and use in rugged areas where shock and overloading situations exist. The gage areas are environmentally protected with a thick, double water resistant seal and stainless steel plates. Load cells are supplied with an integral 30 feet of cable.

Our Price: US$600.00
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artech ss61010 stainless steel high speed check weighing single point load cell (25lb, 50lb, 100lb, 250lb)

Model SS61010CW single-point load cell is designed for check weighing application where the cell may be subject to overload by mishandling or excess weighing. The stainless steel construction makes it an ideal choice for installation in corrosive environments such as those found in the poultry industry. The cell has the gage area potted to protect it from moisture. The load cell is provided with 10 feet of cable.

Our Price: US$600.00
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