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FLOOR SCALE OPTIONS:  <span style="\"color:" rgb(0,="" 0,="" 205);="" \"=""><em>Heavy duty construction  * Digital indicators * Printers * Ramps * Pit frames * Bumper ramps * Remote junction box * Floor mounted indicator stand - 48" height * Integral indicator stand 48" height * Stainless steel load cell upgrade * Hermetically sealed, SS load cell Upgrade * Floor anchor plates</em></span></p><p></p>


floor-scale-stainless-steel-washdown-sentronik-43-44-7500 (2500kg )

• All stainless steel construction
• SS load cell
• SS feet
• SS weigh indicator

Our Price: US$2795.00
Market price: US$3214.00 save 13%
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floor-scale-with-indicator-se-7000-sentronik-44-5 (2500 to 5000kg)
  • Scale Size: 4’ (D) x 4’ (W) x 3.5” (H)
  • Weighing Modes kg, lb
  • Platform Material: 0.25” deck plate.
  • Power: 120VAC 60hz.
  • Tare function covers unit’s full capacity range.
  • 15’ cable for indicator.
  • Optional Ramp available.

Our Price: US$1098.00
Market price: US$1298.00 save 15%
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floor-scales-sentronik-fs-1500 (2500kg, 5000lb)

Sentronik FS 1500 floor scale with SEN 1500 weighing indicator adopts high anti-jamming Single-chip microprocessor and high precision £- ” A/D conversion technology, wildly applied in platform scale, platform balance and other weighing applications.

Our Price: US$1098.00
Market price: US$1222.00 save 10%
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portable-floor-scale-sentronik-p9000 (500kg)

Portable heavy duty platform scale with digital indicator Ideal for weighing heavy metals. Platform is 25 1/5in.L x 18 1/2in.W. Rechargeable battery, Large LED green numbers, Receipt printer, Accumulation Date/time, Consecutive number Id number.

Our Price: US$1390.00
Market price: US$1800.00 save 23%
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