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bench-scale-sentronik-bs-1500 (30kg to 600kg)

bench-scale-sentronik-bs-1500 (30kg to 600kg)

With the Sentronik 1500 weighing indicator adopts high anti-jamming Single-chip microprocessor and high precision, A/D conversion technology, wildly applied in platform scale, platform balance and other weighing applications. Stainless Steel platform cover for easy cleaning and food applications.

  • Stainless steel platform cover
  • AC 110 power and LED display with background lighting
  • Unit indication selectable: kg, lb
  • High stability mode
  • RS232 conect for pc

Sentronik BS-1500 Data Sheet.pdf

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SKU SEN BS-15001
Market price: US$335.00
Our Price: US$305.00
Product Description Price
SEN BS-1500S 30 30kg x 0.01kg/66lb x 0.02lb 305.00
SEN BS-1500S 60 60kg x 0.02kg/ 130lb x 0.05lb 335.00
SEN BS-1500S 150 150kg x 0.05kg/ 330lb x 0.1lb 385.00
SEN BS-1500M 100 100kg x 0.05kg/ 200lb x 0.1lb 285.00
SEN BS-1500M 150 150kg x 0.05kg/ 300lb x 0.1lb 335.00
SEN BS-1500M 200 200kg x 0.05kg/ 400lb x 0.1lb 385.00
SEN BS-1500L 200 200kg x 0.05kg/ 400lb x 0.1lb 460.00
SEN BS-1500L 300 300kg x 0.1kg/ 600lb x 0.2lb 540.00
SEN BS-1500L 350 350kg x 0.1kg / 700lb x 0.2lb 620.00
SEN BS-1500XL 400 400kg x 0.2kg/800 lb x 0.5lb 658.00
SEN BS-1500XL 500 500kg x 0.2kg/ 1000lb x 0.5lb 738.00
SEN BS-1500XL 600 600 kg x 0.2kg/ 1200lb x 0.5lb 818.00
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