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These scales feature a configuration where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator via a cord 5 feet or more in length or via a pole. The weighing capacities range of these platform with indicator scales can be from 6 lb to 2000 lbs. Some of these industrial models, features a stainless steel platform, others can feature alloy steel platform. Some models are washdown scales perfect for the restaurant marketplace.


salter brecknell 6700u series pos Bench scales
  • The 6700U series is a standard point-of-sale interface scale for linking to electronic cash registers or POS systems. "Touchless" tare enhances food handling safety. ABS plastic housing with 5½ digits seven segments 15 mm / 0.58" high LCD with blue backlight. Quality load cell and electronics ensure repeatable weight measurements and trouble-free operation. A bi-directional 9-pin RS-232 and USB port makes it easy to install. Interfaces to most electronic cash registers and point-of-sale software programs. OPOS developer's tool kit available for POS systems integration.
  • Accuracy - ≤ .01%
  • Weighing Mode - kg, lb, oz, g, lb:oz
  • Display - ABS plastic housing. 5½ digits eight segments 15 mm / 0.59" high LCD with blue backlight
  • Interface Protocols - NCI, ECR, 8213 (Sharp), 2250 (Swintec), ATT, 0400 (Olympia)
  • Easy-to-Install - Bi-directional 9-pin RS-232 and USB port. Interfaces to most electronic cash registers and point of sale software
  • Quick Disconnect - Makes all cable connections easy
  • "Touchless" Tare - Electronic mechanism enhances food handling safety
  • Operating Keys - Hold/Print, On/Off/Zero, Unit, Tare
  • Additional Feature - Check weighing, count weighing, peak/hold

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salter brecknell 7820B bench scale
Construction: Stainless steel weight platter, die cast
aluminum base and loadbridge, aluminum handle
Remote Display: 6-digit backlit display housed in an extruded
enclosure with a 1.5" cable assembly with RJ45 connector.
Includes 6" magnetic strip.
Remote Display Enunciators:
Zero- Indicates the scale is at zero weight
Hold- Indicates the weight hold feature is active
AC Power- Indicates AC Power is connected to the scale
and charging the battery
Remote Display Controls:
Zero Key- Includes 2% Auto Zero tracking or manual push
button to reestablish zero reference. Turns the scale OFF,
when operated via battery.
Hold Key: Enables or disables weight hold feature.
Enters into backlit and weight hold setting confi guration.
Weight Hold Settings:
Single- Allows you to hold the parcel weight on the display
for one parcel
Auto- Allows you to hold the parcel weight on the display for
unlimited parcels
Sealed- Some states may not accept weight hold in NTEP
approved applications. The sealed mode disables the
weight feature.
Backlit Settings:
Auto- Back light turns off after 5 seconds of non use
On- Back light is always on
Off- Back light is always off
Battery Conservation:
Sleep- After 5 minutes of non-use the scale will enter into
sleep mode. Pressing the zero key will re-activate the scale.
Auto Shutdown- After 1 hour of non use the scale will
shutdown. Pressing the restart button will re-start the scale.
Restart Button: While in battery operation mode, the restart
button (located on the rear of the scale) turns on the scale
Hard Wired Battery Cable: Battery cable is hard wired to main
PCB, no external connections
Battery Life:
Stored, no use - 14 days
Back light Off - 40 hours
Back light On - 12 hours
Back light Auto - 24 hours
Re-charge time - 8 hours
Re-charge cycles - 400 minimum
RS-232 Interface: 9-pin using Standard NCI protocol
Field Calibration: Alternate span points, 10 or 50 lb, can
simplify fi eld calibration. Can be set up either in decimal
pound or kilogram.

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salter brecknell model 3700LP bench bases (6kg - 22kg)

* Connects to External Indicators - Connects to a variety of Brecknell indicators

* Convenient Selection of Sizes - Choose from three sizes with capacities from 10 to 250 lb to fit the needs of any application

* Construction - Stainless steel shroud resists corrosion and makes cleaning easy

* Reliable - Low maintenance. Single load cell design with no moving parts

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- Serial Port

- Full duplex RS-232 Serial Port. Display

- Easy to read LED,LCD display.

- Digital Calibration

- Full front panel calibration.

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