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Bench scales, are instruments for measuring and weighing essential in any process that you want to continue to measurement, goes from the household cooking until industrial where is evidenced to use measures with accuracy are essential for success in achieving your goals.

Bench scales, protagonist in scenarios such as industry, chemistry, physics, processes with food, medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural activities, sales of products to retail and greater, postal services and many more, are essential the bench scales.

Bench scale, one of the most widely used in the market and this is due to its characteristic multifunctional, their practical design and the possibilities offered by their management.

What is a bench scale? A bench scales, is a measuring instrument, whose base is formed by a platform either square or rectangular. The bench scale; in its interior has load cells and/or sensors, in order to obtain a value, expressed in a measure.

Bench scales, so called because the shape of the platform is similar to a bench or seat which makes it very comfortable to use. They tend to be of practical size, including up to table-

Features that you should look for in a good bench scale. The stabilization of answer: bench scale tend to be very fast!

Charge Time: If your bench scale, will be used for prolonged times, we suggest you choose a model that loads quickly and has many hours of usable. We offer bench scale up to performance of 4500 hours with batteries, rechargeable batteries and even work with the current.

Looking for bench scales with materials resistant: when choosing a bench scale, looking for highly resistant materials such as stainless steel, as well as a variety of model bench scale washable, dust-proof, with protection to their load cells and internal mechanisms, which although may cause a greater investment, ensures more durability and long life.

The display of the indicator and the possibility of conversions: The bench scale, come with various types of indicators, LED, LCD?.

Considered to be the ability: you should always take into account the capacity of your bench scale, therefore not exceed capacity, declining performance, read wrong.


doran mvp series bench scale (100 to 1000 lb)

The MVP Series couples the DS100 Digital Weight Indicator with the DMS Mild Steel Bases, resulting in an economical scale system for most any weighing application. Select from three base sizes - 18" x 18", 18" x 24", or 24" x 24", capacities up to 1000lb, and a full line of options.

Our Price: US$940.00
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doran mvp series bench scale - precision resolution (100 to 1000 lb)
Simple and intuitive operation with UNITS, PRINT, TARE, ZERO (On/Off) and GROSS/NET. A bright, easy to read LED display provides excellent readability in a wide variety of lighting conditions and angles - up to 25 feet away.

Our Price: US$1090.00
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fairbanks mild steel series 7 bases (200lb, 1000lb)

Series 7 Mild Steel Bench Scales.

The Series 7 has long been the industry standard for bench scale dependability. Its unique design, featuring built-in protection against overload, shock load and frame twist, protects your investment from the rigors found in high-volume processing applications.

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fairbanks quicksilver stainless steel bases bench scale (2lb to 1000lb)

The mechanical design of the QuickSilver was developed using sanitary design specifications for processing equipment as presented by the AMI's Equipment Design Task Force.

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