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cardinal floor hugger platform scale (1,000 lb to 10,000 lb)

cardinal floor hugger platform scale (1,000 lb to 10,000 lb)

Rapid, accurate weighing translates into optimum performance in any operation, and Cardinal's Floor Hugger helps you reach that goal. This above-ground platform scale provides you with the latest in weighing technology. Cardinal's unique load cell assembly is self-checking and environmentally sealed for those less-than-perfect locations.

Other design features include a rigidly constructed weighbridge with easy to remove ramps. When necessary, the entire scale can be conveniently lifted, moved, and re-installed as your production and traffic flow needs change.

Select one of our weight displays or printers to complete your weighing package. Our wide selection of weight displays provides the answer to almost any weighing and control needs, from simple to complex. Our printers are equally flexible in design to meet recording and data processing needs.

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Market price: US$1690.00
Our Price: US$1639.00
Product Description Price
CAR FH-133-II 1,000lb x 0.2lb 1639.00
CAR FH-144-II 1,000lb x 0.2lb 1639.00
CAR FH-155-II 1,000lb x 0.2lb 2165.00
CAR FH-233-II 2,,000lb x 0.5lb 1639.00
CAR FH-244-II 2,000lb x 0.5lb 1639.00
CAR FH-255-II 2,000lb x 0.5lb 2165.00
CAR FHN-533 5,000lb x 1lb 1877.00
CAR FHN-544 5,000lb x 1lb 1877.00
CAR FHN-554 5,000lb x 1lb 2089.00
CAR FHN-555 5,000lb x 1lb 2440.00
CAR FHN-564 5,000lb x 1lb 2602.00
CAR FHN-575 5,000lb x 1lb 2902.00
CAR FHN-1044 10,000lb x 2lb 1877.00
CAR FHN-1054 10,000lb x 2lb 2089.00
CAR FHN-1055 10,000lb x 2lb 2440.00
CAR FHN-1064 10,000lb x 2lb 2602.00
CAR FHN-1075 10,000lb x 2lb 2902.00
CAR FH-2055-II 20,000lb x 5lb 4124.00
CAR FH-2064-II 20,000lb x 5lb 4315.00
CAR FH-2075-II 20,000lb x 5lb 4621.00
CAR FH-2086-II 20,000lb x 5lb 4930.00
CAR FH-2097-II 20,000lb x 5lb 6150.00
CAR FHN-201010 20,000lb x 5lb 7450.00
CAR FHN-201210 20,000lb x 5lb 7838.00
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