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cardinal remote displays

These Digital Devices are displays that are placed at a distance away from the scale or balance to visualize the results. They are used mostly when using floor scalestruck scales, track scales, among others. Some of the remote displays offers different kinds of functions.


cardinal rd2 remote display

Whether your application necessitates monitoring weight on tanks, bins, vehicle scales or process control systems, the RD2 includes an RS-232 serial interface that is configurable to meet the communication requirements of your weight instrumentation.

Our Price: US$962.00
Market price: US$1079.85 save 11%
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cardinal rd3 remote display

The rugged polycarbonate enclosure makes Cardinal’s RD3 remote display ideal for optimum visibilty across a broad range of weighing applications.   

Our Price: US$716.00
Market price: US$803.85 save 11%
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cardinal re remote display with enclosure

Cardinal model RE3H with outdoor enclosure rainhood, 225 indicator, printer, and proximity badge reader and optional model REM pipe mount.

Our Price: US$5798.00
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cardinal sb250 remote display

Cardinal's SB-250 remote display has a 2.6 " (66 mm) high weight display. Message board capabilities are standard with all SB-250s, and feature an array of nine 5 x 7 alphanumeric characters for crisp, clean readouts of upper and lower case letter messages.

Our Price: US$1311.00
Market price: US$1470.85 save 11%
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