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cardinal weight software

Vehicle Weighing Management Software


cardinal win-dde dynamic data exchange
Cardinal's WinDDE 2.0 Server communicates with up to 20 weight indicators attached to a computer. Weight indicators may be connected using standard computer serial ports or via ethernet using TCP/IP. The weight and status of the weight indicators is made available to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications by means of Dynamic Data Exchange, or NetDDE for networked computers.

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Market price: US$828.00 save 8%
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cardinal winvrs-lt vehicle tracking system
WinVRS-LT Vehicle Recording Software will add efficiency to your truck scale operation at an economical price. WinVRS-LT’s easy-to-use Windows®-based system allows for multiple operators and is versatile enough to provide detailed reports on vehicles and materials weighed.

Our Price: US$5628.00
Market price: US$6314.00 save 11%
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cardinal winvrs, winvrs touch vehicle tracking system
Optimized for Windows 2000 and XP®, Cardinal's powerful WinVRS software keeps traffic moving over your scale by providing fast, accurate collection of data on vehicles, accounts, orders, and materials.

Our Price: US$6483.00
Market price: US$10481.10 save 38%
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