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Cardinal is an ISO 9001:2000 registered trade mark that designs, manufactures and markets weighing systems, load cells, digital indicators, vehicle weighing transcription systems, and many assort devices for all industries, including handcart, weigh-in-motion road, track, tank/hopper, stock, organization, story and tally.


cardinal floor hugger platform scale (1,000 lb to 10,000 lb)

Rapid, accurate weighing translates into optimum performance in any operation, and Cardinal's Floor Hugger helps you reach that goal. This above-ground platform scale provides you with the latest in weighing technology. Cardinal's unique load cell assembly is self-checking and environmentally sealed for those less-than-perfect locations.

Our Price: US$1639.00
Market price: US$1690.00 save 3%
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cardinal fs mechanical floor stand tank and hopper scale (5000 to 300,000 lb)

Cardinal Hopper and Tank Scales are designed for use in wineries and breweries, soap, oil, paint, glass, chemical, and mineral plants, or wherever a liquid or material portioning device is needed. These scales are excellent for inventory control, for weigh-in or weigh-out operations, for blending or proportioning of any liquid or free-flowing material.

Our Price: US$1897.00
Market price: US$1956.00 save 3%
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cardinal guardian hydraulic floor scales (5000 to 10,000 lb)
The Guardian is an ideal solution for weighing in explosive and hazardous environments. Absolutely no electrical current passes between the load cells and indicator.

Our Price: US$5527.00
Market price: US$5698.00 save 3%
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Cardinal Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale - Concrete Pit Type (30 to 120 ton)

Guardian Hydraulic Tuck Scales are ideal for the solid waste, aggregate, chemical, grain, and construction industries because they offer a high level of protection against many of the conditions that can adversely affect truck scale installations. Water, lightning, power surges, explosive areas, corrosion, welding, shock loading, extreme temperature fluctuations and even rodents can cause scale problems, all at a cost to the owner. NTEP legal-for-trade.

Our Price: US$16870.00
Market price: US$19400.50 save 13%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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