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Cardinal is an ISO 9001:2000 registered trade mark that designs, manufactures and markets weighing systems, load cells, digital indicators, vehicle weighing transcription systems, and many assort devices for all industries, including handcart, weigh-in-motion road, track, tank/hopper, stock, organization, story and tally.


detecto ds series price computing scale (6 to 60 lb)

Take the guess work out of pricing with Detecto's DS. Designed for portable use with a built-in rechargeable battery pack, the DS series is ideal for deli's, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, hardware stores and more.

Our Price: US$437.00
Market price: US$450.00 save 3%
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detecto dr series low-profile platform scale (150 to 550 lb)
Accurate and reliable, Detecto's economical general purpose DR150 and DR400 platform scales quickly pay for themselves when used for receiving goods by weight. The remote indicator easily mounts on table or wall and features a large 1"/25mm display, units conversion, and tare. Battery powered, these scales are portable so you can have a scale anywhere you need it. Features RS-232 serial output.

Our Price: US$255.00
Market price: US$263.00 save 3%
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detecto ap series digital portion control scales (4 kg, 6 to 20 lb)

These made-in-the-USA all-purpose stainless steel scales with their wide range of capabilities make them uniquely suited for a number of operations such as food service operations, industrial applications, the chemical industry, or in food, drug, or hardware retail establishments. They are "legal for trade," meaning they can be used for commercial weighing.

Our Price: US$649.00
Market price: US$669.00 save 3%
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detecto 4800 industrial dial scale (60 to 100 lb)

Detecto Industrial Dial Platform Scales are made to give years of quick, accurate service wherever you need a good general purpose utility scale at an economical cost. A variety of capacities and attached tray options are listed below.

Our Price: US$1171.00
Market price: US$1207.00 save 3%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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