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Cardinal is an ISO 9001:2000 registered trade mark that designs, manufactures and markets weighing systems, load cells, digital indicators, vehicle weighing transcription systems, and many assort devices for all industries, including handcart, weigh-in-motion road, track, tank/hopper, stock, organization, story and tally.


detecto 1001 - 1002 series mechanical baker's dough scale (5 to 16 lb)

Detecto's mechanical Baker's Dough Scales are rugged, accurate scales designed specifically for the baker. Detecto's 1001 and 1002 series come in a variety of capacities listed below, with and without plastic scoops to suit your needs. Featuring USDA-approved white oven-baked enamel, counterweight set, and with or without a seamless, easy-to-clean plastic scoop, these models provide an economical package without any sacrifice to long term, accurate use. Used extensively in retail bakeries as well as other food establishments, these durable, precise scales are furnished with 9" (229mm) diameter plates. Additional weights are also available.

Our Price: US$671.00
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cardinal ctp-1 dot matrix printer

Cardinal's CTP-1 Dot Matrix Ticket Printer prints up to 2.1 lines per second. Its features include insert ticket and multi copy printing. It interfaces with Cardinal indicators via a RS-232 serial port. Standard serial printer cable provided. Character size is 2.9 mm x 1.6 mm and the printer has 35 columns.

Our Price: US$697.00
Market price: US$719.00 save 3%
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cardinal rd3 remote display

The rugged polycarbonate enclosure makes Cardinal’s RD3 remote display ideal for optimum visibilty across a broad range of weighing applications.   

Our Price: US$699.00
Market price: US$803.85 save 13%
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cardinal win-dde dynamic data exchange
Cardinal's WinDDE 2.0 Server communicates with up to 20 weight indicators attached to a computer. Weight indicators may be connected using standard computer serial ports or via ethernet using TCP/IP. The weight and status of the weight indicators is made available to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications by means of Dynamic Data Exchange, or NetDDE for networked computers.

Our Price: US$720.00
Market price: US$828.00 save 13%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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