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chatillon bp15 series bench platform scales (25lb to 400lb)

chatillon bp15 series bench platform scales (25lb to 400lb)

15-inch Dial Bench Platform Scales

These quality crafted bench platform scales feature a 15-inch glass-covered dial with knife-edge pointer and temperature compensated springs. Designed for platform use, the BP Series features a rugged cast-iron base and heavy gauge steel platform. Adjustable leveling feet and spirit level indicator are standard. Tare is adjustable to 10% capacity. Class III "Legal For Trade" models are subject to on-site verification by local Weights and Measures jurisdictions.Available with avoirdupois or metric graduations.

Scale Features and Options

  • H44 Class III Legal for Trade and No Class Models
  • 15-inch Glass-covered Dials
  • Cast Iron Base with Steel Platform (19 x 13-1/2 inches)
  • Adjustable Tare up to 10%
  • Options
    • Stainless Steel Platform ( p/n 16012 )
    • Stainless Steel Laundry Pan ( p/n 23019


Data Sheet.pdf

Average rating: 4.4, based on 89 reviews
Market price: US$1150.00
Our Price: US$1093.00
Product Description Price
CHATILLON CLASS III ---------------------- US$1093.00
CHA BP15-050-T 65 lb x 2 oz US$1093.00
CHA BP15-100-T 130 lb x 4 oz US$1093.00
CHA BP15-200-T 260 lb x 8 oz US$1093.00
CHA BP15-400-T 520 lb x 1 lb US$1093.00
CHA BP15-025K-T 25 kg x 50 g US$1093.00
CHA BP15-050K-T 50 kg x 100 g US$1093.00
CHATILLON NO CLASS ----------------------- US$1093.00
CHA BP15-100K-T 100 kg x 250g US$1093.00
CHA BP15-200K-T 200 kg x 500g US$1093.00
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