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chatillon in series linear scales (2lb to 100lb)

chatillon in series linear scales (2lb to 100lb)

Fish & Game Handheld Linear Scales

When you demand nothing but the best! Chatillon fish & game scales are the professional's choice due to their hand-crafted workmanship. These IGFA certifiable scales are perfect for fresh water and salt water use. Scales feature a noncorrosive brass construction with deeply embossed graduations for easy reading. Weights shown in avoirdupois and metric measurements. Ideal for setting drags on fishing reels, or triggers on firearms. The maximum reading pointer records the weight of your catch and even provides visual proof for the "one that got away!"


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Our Price: US$87.00
Product Description Price
CHA IN-002M 2lb x 1/2oz / 1kg x 20g 87.00
CHA IN-004M 4lb x 1oz / 2kg x 50g 87.00
CHA IN-006M 6lb x 1oz / 3kg x 25g 87.00
CHA IN-010M 10lb x 4oz / 5kg x 100g 87.00
CHA IN-012M 12lb x 2oz / 6kg x 50g 87.00
CHA IN-015M 15lb x 4oz / 7.5kg x 100g 87.00
CHA IN-025M 25lb x 4oz / 12.5kg x 100g 87.00
CHA IN-030M 30lb x 8oz / 15kg x 250g 87.00
CHA IN-050M 50lb x 8oz / 25kg x 250g 87.00
CHA IN-060M 60lb x 8oz 148.00
CHA IN-100M 100lb x 1lb / 50kg x 50g 148.00
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