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chatillon top loading scale

Easy to read dial chart ensures visual accuracy. Stainless steel design ensures sanitary conditions when food products are handled. Lightweight design makes it easy to move the scale to the application at hand. Simple to operate and designed for years of trouble free maintenance. Stainless steel plate is easy to clean.


chatillon tabletop series toploading scales (32oz to 200lb)

Ideal for food service and portion control applications, these economical table top scales can also be found in the home, office or on the production floor. Scales feature a temperature compensated dual spring for precision measurement even under adverse conditions. Dual support posts ensure good platform stability. The slanted dial is easy to read and even easier to maintain. Dials feature a shatter-resistant acrylic window with high contrast lines for easy reading at long distances. Tare up to 10% of the scale's capacity. Available with standard flat platform or optional galvanized spider scoop. Rust-resistant components. Single and dual dial graduations in avoirdupois or metric reading.

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