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Chatillon is a part of AMETEK testing unit. Chatillon devices are febricated to quality control and production applications where customers have a need for accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instrumentation to assess their products’ performance and physical attributes in both destructive and non-destructive testing.


chatillon pbb series portable bench beam scales (26lb to 260lb)

These compact, self-contained scales are exceptionally rugged yet easy to use. Ideal for laboratory, industrial and home use, the are constructed of steel and cast aluminum with adjustable hardened steel pivots and self-aligning steel bearings. The built-in platform and steel locking mechanism ensures safe, secure operation and portability. Models are available in avoirdupois or metric graduations. Class III "Legal For Trade" models are available. A sliding poise is standard and permits blank taring up to 10 lbs. Metric models have a 2 kg taring on a secondary poise. Tare adjustment is tool operated. The bottom left or right beam sections may be used as a measured tare bar. Scales come assembled with adjustable leveling legs, bubble level indicator and built-in carrying handle. Approximate weight is 23 lbs (11 kg). Overall hieght approximately 5.5-inches (140 mm).

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chatillon pdt series dial platform scales (65lb, 130lb, 260lb)

These quality crafted platform scales feature a 13-inch dial with knife-edge pointer. Ideal for industrial weighing or commercial applications, these precision scales feature a rugged welded steel construction with adjustable leveling feet and spirit level indicator. This scale meets all requirements of NIST Handbook 44 Class III "Legal for Trade" per Certificate of Conformance No. 90-078 issued under the National Type Evaluation Program of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

This scale requires assembly. Packaged in sub-assemblies for fast, easy setup using ordinary tools. Scale can be setup in minutes. Factory calibration is unaffected.

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chatillon tabletop series toploading scales (32oz to 200lb)

Ideal for food service and portion control applications, these economical table top scales can also be found in the home, office or on the production floor. Scales feature a temperature compensated dual spring for precision measurement even under adverse conditions. Dual support posts ensure good platform stability. The slanted dial is easy to read and even easier to maintain. Dials feature a shatter-resistant acrylic window with high contrast lines for easy reading at long distances. Tare up to 10% of the scale's capacity. Available with standard flat platform or optional galvanized spider scoop. Rust-resistant components. Single and dual dial graduations in avoirdupois or metric reading.

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chatillon td5 series dinamometer (500lb to 20000lb)

The Chatillon TD5 crane scale delivers outstanding performance in your industrial application. This mechanical dynamometer features a 5-inch dial with high visibility markings. Their sturdy C-beam design, cast aluminum housing and shatter-resistant dial make them ideal for harsh environments. Scales feature a maximum reading pointer captures peak weights and may be reset manually prior to next use. Maximum reading pointer tension is adjustable. Needle bearings in the shackles prevent distortion even under heavy loads up to 20,000 lbs. Available in pounds and kilograms. Comes with metal carrying case. Options include eye hook, swivel hook or swivel shackle.

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