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Chatillon is a part of AMETEK testing unit. Chatillon devices are febricated to quality control and production applications where customers have a need for accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instrumentation to assess their products’ performance and physical attributes in both destructive and non-destructive testing.


chatillon lp series push/pull scales (8oz to 15lb)
Chatillon® utility push-pull gauges are designed for economy applications. Gauges feature a lightweight, polystyrene construction. The high contrast face is non-glare with easy-to-read graduations and markings. These handcrafted instruments have steel springs, which are individually calibrated using NIST certified weights. These instruments may be operated at any angle and tare and zero is easily performed. Instruments have dual graduations in avoirdupois and metric readings. Accuracy is better than 1 graduation.

Our Price: US$60.00
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chatillon iron clad series hanging scale (100lb to 500lb)

These rugged scales are engineered for severe applications. Ideal for construction sites or shipboard applications, our Iron Clad scales feature an extra heavy duty steel and cast iron construction. Scales include a recessed pointer with deeply embossed numbers and graduations, holding loop and hook. Accurate to +1 graduation. Shipping weight 9 lbs (4 kg).

Our Price: US$205.00
Market price: US$215.00 save 5%
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chatillon in series linear scales (2lb to 100lb)

When you demand nothing but the best! Chatillon fish & game scales are the professional's choice due to their hand-crafted workmanship. These IGFA certifiable scales are perfect for fresh water and salt water use. Scales feature a noncorrosive brass construction with deeply embossed graduations for easy reading. Weights shown in avoirdupois and metric measurements. Ideal for setting drags on fishing reels, or triggers on firearms. The maximum reading pointer records the weight of your catch and even provides visual proof for the "one that got away!

Our Price: US$87.00
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chatillon hb series floor platform scales (500kg, 1000lb)

These quality portable beam scales are designed specifically for industrial applications, warehouses and terminals. Ideal for heavy use applications. The HB-1000 is available with H44 Class III "Legal for Trade" for point of sale use subject to on-site verification by local Weights and Measures jurisdications. HB Series scales are constructed of heavy duty cast iron with corrosion resistant loops, bearings and nose irons. Wheels make the scale easy to move and relocate to accomodate alternative work sites. Beams are graduated on the front and rear with weight indicated at the center of the poise.

Our Price: US$594.00
Market price: US$625.00 save 5%
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